Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to the new blog

I have moved all the posts over, but unfortunatly all the comments stayed back at the other blog.

You may want to re-register if you want to comment. I am not sure if this blog will send email notes about new posts (I should probably go find that out...)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog format better, I know I do :)


bettytownsend said...

Congratulations!! It looks good!

LL said...

It's the bomb.com!

Stephen and Denise Lane said...

Thanks, I wish I could claim so expertise but this site is just too easy to use, unlike the bundled blog software on my webserver.

hunter/fisher/farmer/coolguy said...

hey i am new to the blog world so i can add bloger to my name!! woot im happy for you all and glad to here about the shop. i hope to be sending you your beaver skin soon talk to ya later<><><><><>