Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are signing a contract (5-7-08)

I know its been a while since our last post but…

Praise the Lord, after only 3 weeks on the market, we have accepted an offer and will be going to the Lawyers office on Thursday to sign a contract to sell the house. We are selling to a wonderful young couple with two kids. We had been praying that the Lord would send us a buyer who would love the house like we do and be blessed in it. It was so fun to see them walk thru the house. The look on Wendy’s face reminded me of Denise when she saw the house for the first time. We are very excited that this couple is buying it. Here are a few things you can be praying for over the next 30 days as the closing date approaches.

1. That everything goes smoothly with the sale process (inspections, appraisal, paperwork, red-tape…)
2. That God would bring His peace and blessing over the house
3. That God would preserve the house for Wendy and Robert, protect them from things breaking, pests moving in, pools flooding.

Thanks for your prayers…

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