Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayer requests (6-16-08)

Please pray that we would have favor this week with the Coffee County Health Department and the City of Enterprise engineering department as we have to submit our plans for thier approval so we can pull our permits for construction.

Its funny that last friday in my devotions I was reminded to be in submission to the governmental authorities and that if I am doing right I have nothing to fear. So I don’t want to fight city hall or bring any beaurcrats to thier knees, I pray that we will humbly do everything necessary to be in compliance with all the codes and regulations that are established.
We did get a small wake up last week when we found out that construction would be slightly more extensive than we had anticipated. The health department said we had to have a bathroom “in” our store for our employees that was under our exculsive control. We will also have to rip up the carpet and put down tile for sanitary reasons. These are added expenses that we were not counting on. Fortunatly the Lord knew this would be an issue and His plans and provision remain intact.

Let me testify of my God’s forsight (Can I get an AMEN? We are in the south y’all) When I first heard we would need a bathroom I went into panic mode, cost aside that would be another 50 sq. feet I was going to loose and I only have 900 to start with. Well, when I arrived at the shop to talk about changes with our contractor, our landlord Mr. Ellis was there. He listened to what the health department was going to require and said. “Oh, did I mention that the Lawyers who are in the suite behind you are moving to the suite beside you, so If you want you can add that bathroom right here in the back corner. That way you won’t lose any square footage for the coffee shop.” NOW can I get an AMEN? What used to be the lawyer’s waiting room will now be my employee bathroom. No fuss, no mess… at least until they start jackhammering up concrete to install sewer drains.

God is so Good!


LL said...

Praying for you all. Miss you, love you!

Stephen and Denise Lane said...

Love ya, miss ya, mean it.