Monday, June 30, 2008

Is it broken?

How great is the love of a mother? Its so great that she is willing to suffer so that her children will be happy. This very great love was displayed by my wife this weekend.

Nathan is coming to visit and one thing he loves is Mello Yello. So we bought him a case when we went shopping Saturday night. Me being a dad and having little to no love just tossed it in the garage but Denise decided she wanted it to be cold for her baby... this was the beginning of woes.
As she picked up the case to load them into the refrigerator the bottom broke open and all the cans started pouring out all over her toes. This was the result:

Actually these pics were from Sunday night. Saturday night was bad, I made her endure an ice bath and elevate her foot. Sunday morning she still couldn't put any weight on it which ruined our plans to go to the beach after church. So Sam and Selina and ALL the kids came over and we watched the live stream in our tiny place. She was good all day on Sunday and kept it elevated so by Sunday evening she could hobble on it a little. Praise the Lord! Today she can walk around pretty well and will be able to come with us to Montgomery to pick Nate up tonight.

God is good!


Denise said...

Do you think the pictures are BIG enough!? I definitely need a pedicure. :)

bettytownsend said...

I don't know what happened to my comment I thought I posted, anyway... I would think a loving, caring husband would have done this for his wife and not let her lift a heavy case of soda so that the bottom could come apart and all the soda fall on her foot. I don't know about you!! :) Unfortunately, I can't change my approval of you taking "my baby" so far away from me so that she gets hurt!!!! hehehehe!!!! Denise, this looks like it really hurt!!! Please be careful!!! Glad you can walk on it!! Love you both!!