Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our new address (6-4-08)

Praise the Lord, the uhaul is unpacked. We got the keys to our townhouse late yesterday afternoon. (disclaimer: not all these pics were taken on move in day... actually none of them were but just work with me here ok?)

Welcome to 134 North Springview Dr.

Here is our new "hood", would it have killed them to leave a tree or two?

Just as we opened up the truck to start off loading it a pop up storm started dumping torrential rain on us. I had to laugh! So we praised the Lord in the storm and spent the next two hours inside putting away the few things we got off the truck and completing our move in inspection.

Our garage/storage unit.

Finally the rain stopped and we got back to unloading everything.

The "Man Corner"

The living room

Denise had this awsome idea about buying couch covers instead of new couches. It was kind of a no brainer, $100.oo for covers or $1500.00 for new couches. Anyway, when they arrived we quickly found out that "one size fits all" is not always the case but with some cut, cut, staple, staple, tuck, tuck we got them looking pretty decent.

The Kitchen

The dining area

I want to thank the Lord for a few of our new neighbors (Bobby, Anwar and Basil) who graciously helped us offload a few of the heavy items. My two mighty girls helped me with the rest. We finished up at about 10pm and headed back to Sam and Selina’s for a late Taco Bell supper before showering and crashing.

Our new address is:
134 North Springview Dr.
Enterprise, AL 36330

Unfortunatly our Verizion cell phones don’t work very well down here so I suspect we will be getting new cell numbers withing the next week or two. I will update the home page when I get my computer up and running at the house, Sam doesn’t have dreamweaver on his.

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LL said...

Awesome! Your home is always beautiful! Leave it to a scrapbooker to pick the perfect shade of slipcovers... I dig it!