Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving day (5-31-08)

It’s Saturday morning, today is the day we finally step out into the adventure God called us to almost 5 months ago. The Uhaul is packed, Nate is moved in at the Thayer’s house and the papers are all signed for the closing on Tuesday. We have said our sad goodbyes to so many of our friends here in Fayetteville and were sent out with hugs and blessings. We will miss Fayetteville because God has blessed and grown us here; but we have set our faces like flint to go to Enterprise. It’s a scary thing to leave your home for the unknown, but God reminded me not to set my eyes on the things I don’t know, but to set my eyes on Him, who I do know. We praise our God and worship him this morning for calling “such as us” to do this new thing. He is so good!

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