Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayer and fasting (3/29/08)

Greetings friends,
I have it on my heart to start praying and fasting over a few things now that the time is getting short for us to move down to Alabama.
I learned alot about prayer and fasting this last year at CC Fayetteville. I hate to admit that I havn’t been much of a “faster.” I remember when I was a new Christian I tried a 24 hour fast and got very sick. I realize now that I was under the impression that God would be impressed if I showed Him how much I could suffer. Well I suffered alright. Back then I didn’t understand fasting, I didn’t understand the purpose of fasting and I wasn’t seeking God about anything in particular… it was just a ritual and God squashed it. I went many years before I considered fasting again. Last year Brett (one of our Elders) found a tape series by Dr. Charles Stanley on the purpose of fasting and prayer and shared it with us.
Here is a link to that teaching.
I was blown away. Now that I was armed with knowledge I joined my brother elders in fasting and prayer and this time everything was different. I didn’t get sick, I heard very specificlly from the Lord and we were drawn together and had unity to act with one heart in obedience to the Lord. It was fantastic.
In this spirit I wanted to ask if there were any brave souls who would like to join us in praying and Lord willing fasting for the following things:
1. Very specific guidance on exactly how to start this ministry in Enterprise. Starting a Bible study is the obvious first step but if there is any guidance on what day to hold it, where to meet, what part of the Bible to start in and anything else the Lord wants to do that we are not thinking about; these are the things we want to hear.
2. Pray for the people who will be involved in the new work in Enterprise. Pray that God would draw those who desire to hear the Word, worship in Spirit and truth, fellowship, build close abiding relationships and serve the Lord.
3. Pray for the people that God will raise up (eventually) to serve as worship leaders, nursery and sunday school teachers, elders, deacons and whatever other ministries He will use this part of His body for in Enterprise.
4. Pray for guidance and provision to purchase and start the coffee shop which will be our “tent making” while He raises up this new work. I want it to be all He wants it to be. I want to walk step by step with Him and not get out in front (in the flesh). I need patience, I want so much to get started but He has us waiting on Him at the moment. I am sure this will all make sense in the end, help me to be obedient and rest as we wait on His perfect timing and plan.
5. For our Kids, we need guidance on whether we should homeschool Bek or enroll her at Enterprise HS. We are also waiting on the Lord to show us clearly how to handle Nate staying in Fayetteville.
6. We are also seeking guidance and provision as we sell the house here in Fayetteville and finalize the myraid of details necessary to move.
Thanks so much for reading this and for praying with us. If you would also like to join us we will be fasting on Wednesdays (perhaps other days also as the Lord leads.) Please feel free to post here (or email me privatly) if the Lord puts any specific things on your heart as you pray.
finally, I wanted to share these links with you which have some great guidance from a friend and former Pastor at CC Fayetteville on planting a new church:
Church Planting Pointers Session I
Church Planting Pointers Session II
Church Planting Pointers Session III

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