Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad Day (3-7-08)

Today was my last day in the office. It was kinda bittersweet to have to pack up my books, take down my pictures and clean out my office. I took my first load home thursday, heavy stuff like books and files. Today was mostly clean up, patching holes and painting over them. I printed and folded my last bulletins, deleted my email account and “sterilized” my office computer. I’m gonna really miss those dual monitors.
I still have to go in tomorrow (Saturday eve service) and make sure the everything is covered since Pastor Mike is out of town and I will be playing escort for a guest speaker next week. I will also continue teacing Bible 101 on Wed evening and high school Sunday school until I leave (or get replaced).
Nathan asked me if I was still “Pastor Stephen?” I told him yes, but I won’t be using that title for a while… I’ll just be Stephen until God raises up the church we are going to start in Alabama.

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