Monday, July 28, 2008

The plumbers are plumbing HOORAY, hooray!

A quick update, I am guessing you know what is happening here right? Yes at long last the guys with the droopy drawers have shown up to get some pipes installed.

This is the mandatory employee bathroom I had to install for the employees I don't have, but its ok because I love the health department and I love making sure plumbers don't go hungry.

Someone was having fun with their shiny new jackhammer, I bet the lawyer next door decided today was a golf day.

I swear they had to cart this dirt in here... I mean seriously, where did it all come from?

another pic to take up valuable Internet bandwidth

I was actually impressed with what they got done today. When Ray the plumber told me it would only take two days I thought "yeah right" but tomorrow I may have to think "gee mister plumber guy, I'm sorry I doubted you." There is still work to do outside to hook up the drain lines to the sewer and there are water lines to run and a water heater to install but things are moving right along and I am stoked about that.

Go Plumbers!

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