Thursday, August 7, 2008

More progress...

There is more progress to report this week, despite a slight delay due to flooring issues we are on track again. Tommy and his crew are knocking out the serving area dividing wall and finishing up the back office, bathroom and storage area. We will be priming the walls today and meeting with a second flooring guy to get the concrete floors stained and sealed up. Hopefully by the end of next week the walls will be painted, floors done, trim nailed up and plumbing connected so we can get the coffee making equipment installed. God is so good! We are hoping to be open by the last week in August.
Keep praying please!

After going back and forth about installing cabinets, we finally decided to put up a "serving wall" and use the stainless steel prep tables you see in restaurants. They are much cheaper than cabinets and the health department loves em.

The cash register and ordering area

The serving and prep area

Finishing up the back office, bathroom and storage area

Bathroom floors patched up and ready for fixtures

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