Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things are happening FAST now...

I am sorry for the lack of posts this month, we are in the final phases of getting this shop up and running and we have been putting in some long hours. Here are some updated pics of what we have been up to.

The flooring guys started two weeks ago. We decided to go with a stained concrete floor. they had this huge grinder that ground the floors down to a base level

After that they cut "tile marks" into the floor, you can see Tropical Storm Fay moving in outside...

and then it was back to polishing, at this point that old concrete slab felt as smooth as marble

Finally the stain was applied and there was more polishing, the final steps involved 3000 grit diamond "blades." Don't mind all that drywall and concrete dust, we were told we couldn't get the floor wet for a week.

With the floors done it was time for the wall guys to finish up the walls and install the counter tops so we could start painting.

The plumbers also returned and got our sinks, mop sink and bathroom hooked up.

Mike Birkey from Cactus Creek Coffee spent two days down here getting all our equipment installed, he is a truley gracious man. We had to immeadiatly cover all our new toys while the wall work and DUST continued to fly.

Meet Tommy our contractor

Our Signs were installed on Wednesday evening while we were at Bible study, it was a neat surprise.

Is that not the bluest sky you have ever seen?

After 3 very long days we got the painting done and Tommy's guys started getting the trim up, we are very pleased at how nicely all the colors came out.

We still have alot to do with all the finish work, clean up, furnishing and inspections but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Lord, you have a very nice coffee shop, and we appreciate all the grace and provision you are pouring out on us thru this process. We are learning to trust you, wait on you and most importantly give our expectations over to you. Your will be done...

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Betty Townsend said...

"Oh what joy fills my soul just to know, just to know, that His grace is sufficient for me". These words part of the chorus of a song just came to me as I read your latest post. His coffee shop looks fantastic! PTL for all the provisions the Lord has provided and for all the hardwork that has gone into this project by all that had a part. I got a little catch in my throat when I saw the picture of the new signage. Can't wait to see pictures of opening day!!!