Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pray for our Inspections tomorrow

In God's perfect timing we are ready for inspections, we have the health department, City Engineer (building inspection) and the Fire Marshall coming tomorrow. Please pray for grace and favor as we go thru these inspections. After we pass we can then apply for a City of Enterprise Business permit and then we are in business. We are so excited :) Here are some pics of the finished place.

Welcome to Boldly Going, can I help you?

The study table, brewed coffee and snack prep area

A view from the back corner

Top secret coffee prep area with classified equipment and ingredients-shhhh!

Call me if you need a description of this room

The office and storage room beyond.


Betty Townsend said...

It looks fantastic!! Love the colors. Thank you for posting the pictures. A small request, some closeups of the decor on the walls would be nice. Will be praying tomorrow!!

Steve Cody said...

Looks awesome! Can't wait to come visit.

I just realized that if you are naming it "Boldly Going" that everyone who comes in is going to ask where the Star Trek stuff is. Then you get a chance to explain your story!

Stephen Lane said...

Heh I didn't think about that opening...

very few people get it when I mention Star Trek... I just get funny looks :)

People do smile when I tell them about how we got here so in the end it all works out.

Im looking forward to seeing you Steve... any timeframe?

Steve Cody said...

No idea yet when I can come out. There is a possibility toward the end of the year, or early next year but it's all up in the air right now.

I'm looking forward to a visit, though.

TheGregoryFamily said...

Boldy Going, and CCEnterprise, what a perfect name, for a coffee place in Enterpise. Megan and I loved visiting yall today, and can't wait to visit again at church on Sunday, great coffee and we'll be praying that all the flight students get thirsty on their way to work EVERYDAY =) See you soon

The Mom said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!!! - You must have paid that decorator big bucks.... or atleast free coffee for life ? Miss you guys

Michelle said...

Denise: Great pictures. The place looks wonderful and inviting. Hope the grand opening went well. I am hoping to stop in this week. I drove by today but the sign was not on (then I read your email). Congratulations.

Drowner Pro said...

Awesome, Stephen! I enjoyed the coffee & muffin there today (actually yesterday I guess). I had no idea you'd been working on it for so long, and from scratch (referring to your pics on your blog here)! Great job! Praise be to God, huh!

Anonymous said...

Lookin good hope to come down soon!