Thursday, July 10, 2008

What brings you to our State’s Capitol Jenny?

Ok so this post is a bit out of order but…

On July 1st Nate came for a visit. He flew into Montgomery’s regional airport. He was actually supposed to fly in on June 30th but due to the airlines continued woes with scheduling we had to wait an extra day for his arrival. We figured that since we had to drive all the way to Montgomery we may as well see a few of its sights.

To be honest I didn’t know Montgomery was the state capitol – doh! As we drove downtown I quickly realized where we were. We stopped in front of the capitol building and got a quick pic and then went across the street to see the “First White House of the Confederacy.”

Unlike most historical sites this one was not well maintained. I guess the old adage about the winners writing the history books is true. Thus is the fate of the capitol of the losing side. Anyway, it was actually very interesting and had many more artifacts than the more “politically correct” sites I have seen.

With the time we had left we moved onto the Church that Dr. Martin Luther King pastored at. It was around the corner (irony alert!!) and very well maintained. It is still in active use but we couldn’t go inside unless we paid to go through one of the hourly tours. We didn’t have time to wait so all we saw was the outside.

Finally we arrived at the Airport which was much larger than I expected and picked up Nate. Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss and we were on our way to get some dinner and head home.

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Betty Townsend said...

Love the pictures of my grandkids and my daughter, and oh yeah, Stephen too! :) Actually Denise sent me the picture of she and Bek and with Nathan. Seems strange to have paid tours of a church that is still in use!