Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Fourth

We had a great time on our first “holiday” as residents here in Enterprise. Our usual tradition in Fayetteville was to head out to Ft. Bragg and watch the fireworks, staying with that tradition we went to Ft. Rucker this year.

The Crew we rolled with, Jeremy, Julie and family, us and Sam and Selina and family

Ft. Rucker is where Army aviators are trained so when we arrived we went over to see all the whirly birds. I wanted to hop in the Apache, but they wouldn’t let adults in.

Jason you lucky kid...

As it got dark, we headed over to what I assume was the parade field and staked out a spot. Ft. Rucker put on an excellent show. They had a huge stage set up with two large screens, lights and smoke machines. The “Silver Wings” Army band played a variety of tunes from Swing to Pop and even some Country. Let me tell you, you haven’t heard country music until an Army Sergeant in his Class B uniform (complimented with a totally unauthorized cowboy hat) has sung it for ya. Good times!

As we waited for night to completely fall, Sam took us over to the food vendors to get some “green boiled peanuts.” I was very apprehensive about boiled peanuts. Back when I was in the 82nd, Chaplain Lax walked in to my office one day and offered to share his boiled peanuts. I had seen them on sale in different places but had never tried them. Now I like peanuts as much as the next guy but as soon as that boiled peanut hit my mouth, out it came. I don’t even remember what it tasted like, but it had the consistency of snot and there was no way I was swallowing that thing. I told Sam about my experience with them and he assured me that “green boiled peanuts” were very different. Well I couldn’t very well Pastor in this town and not have experienced one of its local delicacies so I grabbed up that green boiled peanut and popped a couple in. I must admit they were better, but not something I would knock down small children to get more of. They tasted like two mini baked potatoes. If they can figure out how to get some bacon and sour cream in there then I will be all over them.

We returned to our spot and settled in for the fireworks. After the Chaplain prayed and the lights dimmed the sky began to explode with color. I am sure I will never quite understand the thoughts that were going through Francis Scott Key’s mind as he watched Ft. McHenry getting bombarded thru the night but I still get choked up when I hear the verse that says “Our Flag was still there…”

"and the Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."

Thank you Lord for this country where we can worship You and teach others your Word. Thank you for your protection and your provision thru these last 232 years. We praise and worship You for these blessings!

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