Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walking under rainbows...

What a beautiful night we had. It started with a great pork BBQ dinner with family and friends. From there we caravaned over to the Bates Memorial Stadium which is lovingly referred to as “the Hole”. It was a hot and sweaty southern summer evening and there were about 2000 of us anxiously checking our cellphones to see if the threatening clouds were gonna unload on us. Sure enough just as the Seniors were all lined up to enter the stadium, the lightning flashed, the thunder rolled and the rain came down. We quickly retreated to nearby Hillcrest Baptist Church and waited about 30 minutes for a gentle summer rain to pass us by. When we returned to the Stadium we basked in the glow of rainbows and parted clouds that were alight with the amber rays of the fading sun. The rain cooled us down and turned disaster into a lovely lower Alabama evening. It was a hopeful backdrop for one of the most important nights in the lives of 378 Seniors who had gone through the storm and overcome.

Enterprise celebrates newest graduates The Enterprise Ledger

It was such a blessing to see Nathan walk across that stage and complete this leg of his journey. Thank you Lord that we were privileged to see our son finish well. How sobering it was to think that there were 8 sets of parents who didn't get to see their child walk last Thursday. I pray the Lord is a constant comfort to them as they rejoice despite their tears and heavy hearts.

We are so excited about the opportunities God has opened up for our boy in the Army. Nate we are proud of all you have accomplished. Be strong and courageous, do not fear, do not doubt what God has called you to or what He can do through you. Mom and I love you very much.

For those who don't live in the politically incorrect south let me say what a blessing it is to live in a part of the country that still prays before High School events. We had two key note speakers, our state Governor Bob Reily and Mrs. Kathy Strunk who's daughter Katie was killed in the tornado that destroyed EHS. With all due respect to the Governor, Mrs. Strunk owned the stage. Kathy opened up her heart and poured out a survivors tale of her search for peace in the whirlwind that took Katie and temporarily derailed her teaching career. In her words... “I opened the Bible and looked for the reason that God took my daughter, but what I found was my first love.” Perhaps one day, by God's grace, I will teach just one sermon that will be of equal caliber to the message we heard. It was all Jesus, all gospel and all heart.

To put the evening in perspective, my brother Mike, who lives in San Diego, said “If this graduation had happened in California a dozen lawsuits would have been filed before it ended.” God Bless the South!

It was a good night :)


Denise said...

It sure was a good night. I'm so thankful to have celebrated by your side!

stick said...


Nate - enjoy basic!

fendernut's love said...

That is so great. We are blessed that we can still give honor to whom it is due. That was a hard time, but I have heard more stories of conversions and God working than anything else in Enterprise for years.