Tuesday, June 2, 2009

odds n ends for the week

My return to Facebook
Yup, I left but I am tired of the incessant whining of my family, so I came back :) I got tired of hearing “Dad did you see So and So's new pics on Facebook? Oh, wait you don't have Facebook anymore” or “Honey, did you hear what so and so said on Facebook? Guess you will never know...”

Is my family ruthless or what?

Supposedly my account resumes just like I left it but there was a disclaimer that somethings (friends?) might not come back and may need to be re invited. Sorry if you got dropped. Anyway, I'm there and you are free to pelt me with your wit and wisdom again.

New business hours
Starting Monday we are expanding our daily hours to 6am-9pm and Saturdays hours to 8am - 8pm. Nate is going to be working in the evenings until he leaves for Basic Training. Our hope is that our hours will get established enough in June and July that we will be able both justify and afford to hire someone to work a few hours a day. Its scary to think that we might have our first employees by August. Pray for us.

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