Monday, April 6, 2009

Resurrection Week

God is so good, He gave me a wife who remembers everything. I have a tendency to get busy and myopic so she reminds me about things like appointments, commitments, major church holidays like Resurrection Sunday... you know those things that people tend to forget.

Resurrection Sunday just snuck up on me this year. I did feel better last Sunday when only one person (besides Denise) knew it was Palm Sunday - good job Rosemary. We are going to do two things this year as we celebrate the Resurrection this year.

On Friday night we are going to have a mini Passover Seder at 6:30pm at Sam and Selina's house. it will be a pot luck dinner so if you want to attend call Denise or Selina to coordinate what to bring. The address is:

507 East Hickory Bend
Enterprise, AL 36330

On Sunday we will have a time of worship, communion, and celebration at the coffee shop. You know any Calvary Chapel celebration will involve food so bring your favorite breakfast treat to share - cheerios are ok but we prefer scrambled eggs, fried ham, biscuits and sawmill gravy.

Last Sunday in Genesis we watched as God started stirring Jacob up to go back to Canaan. In a unique series of events God transfers Laban's flock to Jacob and unites the family in preparation for the journey south. We learn about how God stirs us when He has plans for us. We also take a look at Laban's main problem - He loved money and used people rather than loving people and using money. Click here to listen in: Gen 30:25-31:16

Remember, if you miss a Sunday or want to catch up with our study you can always go to:

God bless you as you remember our Lord's death and glorious resurrection this week.

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