Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spotlight on Isaac

We looked at Genesis 26 this week, the only chapter in Genesis that deals exclusively with Isaac. Like his daddy Abraham's story, chapter 26 starts with a famine. God often tests us with situations to see where we will turn. Isaac was headed in the wrong direction, towards Egypt. God intervened and kept him in the land but unfortunately, like many of us He chooses to live on the edge of obedience. In Gerar, Isaac struggles with honesty and the consequenses of living on the edge. Finally has to confess his lie but when the sin is confessed and cleared up, God blesses him with the provision that makes him the envy of his neighbors. Finally God uses a series of moves to get Isaac back to the place he needs to be and finally gives him rest at Beersheba.

In this chapter we see so many of the struggles we each encounter on a daily basis: dealing with sin; trusting the Lord; learning to walk with him in the Spirit; conflict with our enemy (the Philistines) and finding His promised rest.

Here is the link for Sunday's teaching: Gen 26

I hope you enjoy some time with the Lord in His Spirit and find your rest this week.

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