Friday, February 6, 2009

Communion Sunday

What a great passage to be in for a communion Sunday... Genesis 25 is all about bent and broken relationships. It is scary to see that not much has changed since the days that Isaac, Ishmael and their brothers from Keturah walked the Earth. We still fight amongst ourselves and allow circumstances and grudges to divide families. Here is the teaching link for the week:

We also got a few pics to share this week for those who want a mental picture of what we are doing here.

Rosemary, Derrick and Megan are about ready to start worship. This is about as full as the house can get before we have to move to one of the back rooms. Anyone not using about 30 folding chairs?

I am really going to miss sitting around the table like this when we have to move into the back room, they are just so darn convenient.

Selina has Sunday school this morning. We have the coolest land lady in the world. She is letting us use the un-rented suites behind our shop for free. While I want her to get the income from them eventually I appreciate that the Lord is providing a place for Sunday school.

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Justin said...

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