Monday, April 19, 2010

this blog goes Historical

This Blog is officially closed... It shall remain as an historical record of how we got from Fayetteville to Alabama. if you're new here I suggest you start here and read your way to the present...


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Joey and Denise,

When we first moved to Fayetteville 2 yrs ago we checked out the Calvary there. When i heard you teach i thought for sure you were the Senior Pastor then learned later what was going on with Pastor Joey but knew in my heart you would be a Pastor someday. God called us to Calvary Sandhills and i had no idea of your story of becoming a Pastor until today when i was looking at the website because the Lord is moving us to Fayetteville and has called us out of our church. I don't know where you guy's are in your journey but i felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to tell you this and to encourage you that He has prepared you in advance for this good work that He has called you to. Do not fear the enemy or men only trust in God and He will supply all your needs. "Not by might nor by strength but by MY Spirit says the Lord!"
May our wonderful Father bless, protect, and provide for you and your family in all things.

In His grace,

Amy Laramie

Unknown said...

I love your Shop (: The best coffee ever!

fendernut's love said...

we miss being able to drop in 'minutes before closing', but we will all reunite one day forever Doug & Martha [aka: Dave & Mary]